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(This is an historic archived section, items which have become irrelevant show as a strike-through)

Welcome to the Picture Playhouse Forum Site, this website was provided free of charge, so that local people could have their say in the future of this historic building. Even in a democracy the voracity and force of thousands of voices are often needed to inform the opinion makers and sway those who make our decisions for us. The case for it to remain as a publicly owned venue for the arts and the local community was lost, (some say it could never have been won, as the ERYC had already made up their minds before consultation). This website will stay online to show the amazing history of this building, the forum will remain active for comments on it’s conversion into a Browns department store, and how the Playhouse’s new roll as a retail outlet can affect the centre of Old Beverley town.

Go to the History / Events page – see how this Wonderful Old Building has supported and helped the Town of Beverley, it’s people, hospital, charities & societies for over a hundred years.

Enter the Forum, see how the local community tried to save their Playhouse as a Publicly Owned Arts, Entertainment and Meeting place.

At the “final” Planning Meeting at The County Hall, Beverley
The ERY Planning committee passed the applications for the Playhouse to become a retail outlet. The Playhouse is now lost to the community as a public space for Music, Theatre, Film, Arts, Exhibitions and meetings etc.
The people of Beverley must support the remaining Live Entertainment & Art venues in the area or lose them too, especially “Beverley War Memorial Hall”
It appears that the maxim “Use it or Lose it” applies.


The Playhouse News forum is just that, a News forum, it does not accept new topics or posts, just confirmed facts, please e-mail any newsworthy accurate stories to the forum. We now have a reporter / news editor in Gavin Quinn, he has volunteered to look after the News for the Forum.
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It was with great sadness that we learnt of the Death of Peter Robinson (MovieMan). He died on the 10th September 2003 on his way to work, at only 60 years of age.
For many years Peter was the Manager of the Picture Playhouse, he was also a founder member of the Film Society in 1972 which ran until 1981. Assisted the “Greshams” to restart the Cinema in 1982.
Peter was also a founder member of the Playhouse Action Group and member number 4 to join this forum site, and has been a prolific contributor, he seems to have spent most of his adult life fighting to keep a working Cinema in Beverley.

Farewell Peter.
Peter Robinson in 1984 when he wrote his book about The Beverley Picture Playhouse Cinema: ” The Home of Beautiful Pictures “