Playhouse Action Group

circular image: Playhouse, Saturday Market Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Playhouse Action Group: – Mission Statement

1. The Playhouse Action Group seeks to represent a wide spectrum of the community in endeavours.

2. To ensure the future viability of the Playhouse as a working cinema and thriving multi-functional arts facility, for the people of Beverley and the East Riding, and visitors to the region, of all ages and interests.

3. To embrace the ERYC’s own ‘East Riding Cultural Strategy 2003/7’, with reference to the encouragement of the Arts, Music and Live Entertainment within the Town of Beverley. This being in line with The Countryside Agency Market Towns Initiative.

4. To identify viable capital funding options for the initial upgrading of facilities. With the upgrading being approached with sympathy for the buildings unique internal and external historical features and aesthetics.

5. To investigate the Playhouses day-to-day self-funding opportunities by means of revenue support as well as income from Box Office and other sales – whilst seeking advice from others who have successfully achieved similar aims – thus proving that such a project is financially viable.

6. To open up positive lines of communication with the appointed six Ward Councillors charged with information gathering for the EYRC, and other relevant ERYC members, especially those directly involved with the final decision making. Lines of communication with the local public to be enhanced through meetings, media and the ‘easy to use’ Playhouse on-line forum at

Enter Forum for Beverley Playhouse Action Group.

Beverley Arts Trust: –

Mission Statement

The ‘Beverley Arts Trust’ are also supporting the cause to save The Beverley Picture Playhouse as a future public access venue and cinema.

Awaiting Input.