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You must not use this forum to post any material which is vulgar, inaccurate, harassing, hateful, racist, threatening, invading of others privacy or sexually oriented. If the automatic ‘bleeping’ word filter doesn’t convert them to asterix – then a forum moderator will find the offending words, remove them and possibly block your membership of the forum.

Nor may you post material which is defamatory or is in violation of any UK any laws. (Including Libel & Slander, yes apparently typed words on the Internet can be slanderous as well as libelous)

You also agree that you will not post any copyrighted material that is not owned by yourself or the owners of these forums. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless this forum, their agents & GenProxy with respect to any claim based upon any post you may make.

We also reserve the right to reveal whatever information we know about you in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by yourself. Although messages posted are not the responsibility of this forum and we are not responsible for the content or accuracy of any of these messages, we reserve the right to delete any message for any or no reason whatsoever.

If you do find any posts are objectionable then please contact the forum by e-mail or by clicking the “report post” link attached to the offending post.

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