Beverley Coffee Capital of Yorkshire

Has Beverley become the Coffee capital of Yorkshire? The beautiful market town of Beverley seems to be awash with Coffee outlets. They categorise themselves by their names or displays in a variety of ways; coffee shop, coffee lounge, coffee bar, café bar, café, deli, restaurant, but they all sell a vast variety of coffee based caffeine potions, many have alfresco facilities with outdoor tables and seating for the warmer months.

map of Beverley Coffee shops, Coffee lounges and Coffee bars.
Location of the many Coffee shops, bars and lounges in Beverley

Within the short distance between St Mary’s Church and Wednesday Market there are some 33 Coffee vendors not counting Public Houses, (most Pubs nowadays seem to have a Coffee machine). If Flemingate is included (there’s a new retail development there), then the Beverley Coffee count increases to 38 40.

Of the national “chains” Beverley has 3 “Costa Coffee” 2 “Café Nero” and 1 “Carluccio’s” but strangely no Starbucks“.  Actually as of October 2016 a “Starbucks” coffee lounge has opened on the new Flemingate development. Fortunately the remaining 30 or so caffeine purveyors appear to be mainly local independent businesses. (Beverley is renowned for it’s vast number of small independent traders, this town is not a clone high street).

Then there are the local charitable organisations that try to provide a service to the community and run their own Café or Coffee mornings to help support themselves. Beverley Leisure Group at the Memorial Hall on Lairgate, United Reformed Church at Toll Gavel Church on Toll Gavel and the House Café Bar at East Riding Theatre on Lord Robert’s Road.