Author: Ric

Finally, Decided to write a weekly Blog.

Although I have sold and set up WebLog and Journal platforms for other people, organisations and companies, I have never written a WeBlog myself.

This year of 2018 I have decided to start a weekly ¬†“Blog” and will call it “Musings” whether or not it will last until the end of 2018 is another matter, as I am not known for my drive, ambition, or tenacity, more for my indolence and procrastination. (but that will be a subject for a different occasion).

So, welcome to my 2018 blog. (hmmm, is this the first of my musings, why do people start sentences or statements with the word: so? we never used to.)
Nah! not worthy of a weblog, it’s just the natural evolution or progression¬†of a language and it is marginally better than “Er” or “Well” as an injunction at the start of a sentence.