Welcome to the Beverley Playhouse site, this website was originally provided free of charge, to help local people have their say on the future of this historic building. The Picture Playhouse had struggled on for many years as a publicly owned cinema and community venue but with very little public funding. Consequently it was starting to look tired and shabby. The East Riding of Yorkshire Council decided to sell the building for retail use, declaring it “surplus to requirements” instead of funding a refurbishment for improved community use. This resulted in much local opposition and protests. See the original Playhouse Action Group pages here.

The ERYC had their way when their own planners gave permission for a change to retail use, they then sold the Playhouse lease and the building is now “Brown’s Department Store” ( despite protestor’s fears the conversion was tastefully done by a local developer. )

Beverley Picture Playhouse about 1966 <a href="">Chris Morgan</a> Beverley Picture Playhouse Cinema c.1966 (courtesy Chris Morgan)
browns department store saturday market Beverley-may2016Brown's Department Store. June 2016. (what a difference 50 years can make)

Go to the History / Events page – see how this Grand Old Lady of a building has helped and supported the People, Hospital, Charities and Town of Beverley for many many years.

Gradually, rather than just acting as a repository for old information on the Playhouse this website now includes many other aspects of life in Beverley.

For instance, Beverley may not have a Park, but just look at these fantastic Public Gardens.